10 Reasons to Choose an Alumacraft

Trust in Quality, Trust in Alumacraft.

After 70 years of providing the world with legendary, long-lasting boats, Alumacraft knows what it takes to build an outstanding product. Grand Rapids Marine is proud to offer these industry-leading boats to avid boaters and anglers in Grand Rapids and other northern Minnesota areas. Alumacraft boats continue to push the limits of performance and comfort, and offer the peace of mind and confidence to boaters of all kinds. Discover our top ten reasons to choose Alumacraft and stop in to step aboard this season.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Alumacraft:

1. A Greater Selection of Boat Sizes

Choose from 20' 8" long, high-performance, deep-V boats to 10' flat-bottom jon boats. Alumacraft boats are available in a huge selection of sizes, shapes and styles for an endless variety of uses and budgets. You name it, we’ve got it.

2. The Alumacraft Ride

Pros call it "the Alumacraft Ride," and these guys have driven virtually every boat on the market. They tell us the Alumacraft Ride is drier, quieter, smoother and more responsive. Experience the exceptional ride of an Alumacraft—it doesn’t get any better.

3. Superior 2XB Aquadynamic Deep V Hull

The aqua-dynamic surface of our gull-wing-shaped design results in quicker planning, better handling and superior boat control in even the harshest of weather conditions. Full-length double plating means twice the strength and protection all the way to the transom (bow only on select models), dramatically reduce sound and vibration, and there’s minimal flexing that can adversely affect handling.

4. Industry-Leading Mod V and Flat Bottom Jon Hull

The all-welded and riveted jons can take a pounding. The heavy-gauge aluminum and stronger and wider ribs, make the entire boat tougher and more rigid. Ribs are positioned on narrow 12” centers. This results in more ribs making the hull stronger the entire length of the boat.

5. One-Piece Hull Construction

One-piece construction delivers superior strength over the competition’s two-piece hulls. The seamless hull allows for proper keel placement assuring the prop turns in pure non-aerated water.

6. Heavier Gauge Aluminum

All Alumacraft boats, whether it’s the all-welded jons or one of the riveted tournament models, are made with heavy-gauge, top-quality, 5052 marine-grade aluminum. That’s why you see Alumacraft boats that have been on the water for years and years. They last longer.

7. All-Aluminum Transom

All-aluminum transoms are lighter and 130% stronger than wood transoms. The stronger transom minimizes racking and vibration, providing a more durable mounting surface for today’s larger, more powerful outboards.

8. Larger Aircraft-Grade Rivets

Inherent strength is greater with larger rivets. Larger rivets mean stronger rivets. Stronger rivets mean fewer rivets are needed. Fewer rivets mean fewer holes need to be drilled, significantly reducing the chance of ever popping a rivet.

9. Highest Quality Paint Job

Automotive-quality Base Coat/Clear Coat paint is stronger and more resistant to fading from ultraviolet light. Even damage like dock rash or scratches can be easily repaired without having to repaint the whole side of the boat.

10. An Overall Better Fit and Finish

Look real close. You’ll see a tighter fit, smooth, even welds, larger rivets, and precision construction throughout. These are boats you’ll be proud to call your own. Better Built, Better Ride, Better Value.

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