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ShoreStation. The name is synonymous with quality lakefront equipment. For nearly 60 years, they've set the standard...and then raised the bar. Grand Rapids Marine has been selling this industry leader's superior line of docks and lifts since we opened our doors 40 years ago. That combination of quality and experience is hard to beat! 

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Classic stationary dock is the most versatile type - perfect for almost any type of lakefront. Foot pads on each of the legs simply rest on the lake bottom, allowing the dock to work in challenging situations such as steep drop-offs, and uneven or rocky bottoms. Its various leg frame and leg extension combinations make it suitable for use in water up to 12 feet deep. And of course, accessories are what make it all yours!

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1) Decking of powder-coated aluminum, stainless steel hardware, aluminum leg extensions and aluminum or galvanized steel leg frames, and Eon-Marine™ sideboards…talk about low maintenance!

2)  ShoreStation knows how important safety is, so they build it right in, taking the worry out. This optional Aqua Step’s narrow width and sturdy handrail make it a safe way for all your friends and family – kiddies, grandparents, and even pets – to get in and out of the water.

3)  “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…” wouldn’t have been a hit if the livin’ was difficult, would it? ShoreStation dock sections are fastened together with spring-loaded pin mechanisms, the legs can be adjusted, and accessories installed without tools. That means it's hassle-free...even if your toolbox is smaller than your lunchbox!

4)   Accessories let you turn your waterfront into a reflection of your personal style. Form and function combine in a wide array of genuine ShoreStation products from seats to solar lights, ladders to gear towers. 

5)  Save your sea legs for when you’re on the water – you won’t need them to enjoy your ShoreStation dock. The superb stability of its A-frame stance is unmatched by ordinary docks.

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One of the most popular features of a ShoreStation dock is the wide variety of accessories with which it can be customized. Many feature the  “Quick-as-a-Click” connector for easy installation or removal - without tools! Constructed of the finest materials, and beautifully designed, to complement your dock. From ladders and lights, to the stylish Eon® seating options, they're all genuine ShoreStation.   

SS dock-bumperDOCK BUMPER


Protecting your craft above and below the water line, these bumpers install “Quick-as-a-Click.” Right or left side mount.

SS dock-ladder  


Maintenance-free, with a textured finish for more traction. Snap-button mechanism allows for easy adjustment, without tools. 

SS aqua-step  

The easiest way in and out of the water. Narrow width and sturdy rails make it perfect for young, old, and even four-legged family members. Fits a variety of heights.

SS eon-marine-dock-benchEON MARINE® BENCH

A cozy seat for two with built-in cup holders, available in 4' or 6' width. Constructed of Eon® material, this bench will look like new for years.

SS gear-tower


Keeps your dock organized. The large table top is perfect for beverages, tunes, even cleaning fish. Life jackets, ropes, and towels can hang on its heavy-duty hooks.

SS flag-pole-holder


Dress it up or show your patriotic spirit! With a double harness to fly two flags, it extends to 20 feet.

SS shore-stepsSHORE STEPS   Stylish and safe entry to your dock, available with 5 or 8 steps. Adjusts to fit a variety of inclines. Designed for easy installation and removal.  
SS solar-dock-light


Simply brilliant! Brighter than most solar lights, it emits as much light as a 40-watt bulb. The solar panel means no wiring, no worry. Can be moved, “Quick-as-a-Click,” to wherever your dock needs light.

SS eon-marine-swivel-chairEON MARINE® SWIVEL CHAIR 

Ideal for fishing or just keeping an eye on the kids. Beautiful Eon® material to match your dock. 22” wide, with 360° swivel and 2 cup holders.  

SS Paddle-Board-and-Kayak-Storage-Rack


The perfect solution for dockside storage. Rest the paddleboard or kayak on the rack, fasten with the easy-release straps, and it's quickly accessible for your next adventure. 

SS solar-shore-light


Bring safety and style onto the shore. Easy to transport, the base is weighted with the one thing always near the dock - water! 

SS gear-tower-solar-lightGEAR TOWER w/SOLAR LIGHT 

Combines table with trouble-free, no-cost lighting. Bring light and organization to any part of your dock that's touched by sunshine. 

SS LOGOShoreStation lifts elevate more than just boats - their safety, speed, and dependability elevate industry standards! Using the same principle as the company's founder did nearly 60 years ago, each lift is OVER-built, using better components and stronger materials, and with more safety features than other lifts. After all, your time at the lake is for relaxing - NOT fixing broken equipment!


Nearly 60 years after its introduction, we still offer the lift that became the industry standard. Its time-tested winch has earned boat owners' trust with decades of proven history, offering smoother lifting and dependability superior to any ordinary winch. The spring-activated wheel lock mechanism is a safety feature not found elsewhere, which prevents the platform from being raised too high. Designed for years of dependable service, with stainless steel cables, poly/aluminum UltraBunks, stainless steel and brass fasteners, GAR-MAX bearings. Bolted aluminum construction provides superior strength and stability and, in the unfortunate event that Mother Nature sends a whopper storm your way, repairs can be made on site quickly.



Built on proven technology, the time-tested ShoreStation winch has an integrated direct drive motor which is enclosed to reduce exposure to the elements. The rugged, galvanized winch frame maintains alignment of internal components. A solar-powered D/C system eliminates the need for an A/C circuit on the dock, increasing safety.



With a hydraulic lift, wind and waves are no worry. At 50 seconds lift time, this lift is the fastest on the market, so you can confidently land and secure your boat in less than ideal conditions. Its cables are pulled instead of wound, to eliminate cable fatigue and guard against critical failure. The hydraulic system is pressure regulated, to stall before lifting a potentially damaging loads. The "high and dry" construction of our hydraulic lift keeps essential system components above the water. Solar power means no need for an A/C circuit at your dock - one less worry!


SS tri with Merc

ShoreStation pontoon lifts have been updated to fit today's larger, heavier pontoons. In addition to the new sizes and better fit, these lifts have the same great quality as our standard line. Offering greater support with three cradle options to choose from. Available in 3000-lb. to 7000-lb. capacity vertical lifts, and three power styles - the classic manual winch, solar-powered electric winch, and solar-powered hydraulic lift. MANUAL PONTOONLIFTMANUAL

TIME-TESTED SHORESTATION WINCH - Has earned the trust of thousands of boat owners with decades of proven history. It offers smoother lifting and dependability far superior to any ordinary winch. The Wheel Lock Mechanism safety feature is spring activated, preventing the platform from being raised too high.

  • DURABLE LOW MAINTENANCE CONSTRUCTION - Everything is designed for years of dependable service: aluminum construction, stainless steel cables, poly/aluminum UltraBunks, stainless steel/brass fasteners, GAR-MAX pulley bearings. The bolt-together aluminum construction provides superior environmental endurance and eliminates the need for aluminum welds while adding to the strength and stability of the lift.


SIMPLE, INTEGRATED DESIGN - The time-tested ShoreStation winch has a direct drive motor that is integrated and enclosed reducing exposure to the outdoor environment. The rugged, galvanized steel winch frame reduces deflections and maintains alignment of internal components.

  • LIFT SYSTEM PROTECTION - Electric systems feature a back-wind sensor and upper limit switch protecting the lift from damage. The adjustable upper limit switch stops the platform at any desired height for added protection.
  • RELIABLE DC POWER - The solar-powered, DC operating system eliminates the need for an AC circuit on the dock, providing safety and superior performance on command.


  • QUICKLY SECURES BOAT - When you have a Hydraulic Lift, there's no need to worry about wind and waves getting in your way. This lift is the fastest on the market and will give you confidence to safely land and secure your boat in less than ideal conditions.
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION - With cables that are pulled instead of wound, this system is designed to eliminate cable fatigue issues and safeguard against critical failure. In addition, our hydraulics are pressure regulated, so they stall before lifting potentially damaging loads, giving you peace of mind that your precious cargo is safe.
  • RELIABLE BY DESIGN - With so many variables in the marine environment, deliberate design is crucial. The "high and dry" construction of the hydraulic lift keeps your essential hydraulic and electronic components above the water, minimizing their exposure to moisture and humidity. In addition, the solar-powered, DC operating system eliminates the need for an AC circuit on the dock, providing safety and superior performance on command. This is a lift you can rely on, day after day.



Pontoon Log Rack

The double UltraBunks and full length GlideRail load guides cradle and channel the outer "logs" perfectly every time. The unique kit is designed to work well on both tritoons and standard pontoons with tubes up to 29".


Pontoon Tandem Double Bunk Kit

Available with 2 or 3 tube supports that adjust to fit any pontoon. The premium poly-aluminum UltraBunks are often combined with under-deck post load guides to reduce lift width requirements.

* Support brackets for Plank Center Lift also available



The 3-in-1 under-deck lift support with integrated motor stop and load guides is economical and maintenance free. The contoured poly-covered tubes both guide the pontoon into the lift and support it by simply lifting under the deck inside the outer tubes.

Designed to handle today’s largest personal watercraft, ShoreStation PWC lifts support crafts up to 1500 lbs. With convenience and safety in mind, four available options allow you to choose your location while saving space. ShoreStation PWC lifts get you on and off the water quickly and safely, allowing you more time for pure enjoyment of the ride!

SS vertical PWC

Vertical PWC Lift

Can handle deeper water and your largest crafts - up to 5'6" deep and 1500 lbs. Same great quality as our larger lifts with ShoreStation's time-tested vertical lift system and low maintenance aluminum construction. Available in manual or electric; Electric model comes with 2 wireless remotes to raise & lower it; "V" cradle design for shallow water operation; Self-adjusting pivoting bunks cradle watercraft's hull.

SS cantilever PWC

Cantilever PWC Lift

This aluminum constructed cantilever style PWC lift can handle watercrafts up to 1,000 lb.

30" operator's wheel and brake winch provides safe, smooth operation; Self-adjusting, pivoting bunks cradle the watercraft's hull; Heavy-duty aluminum frame and posts for larger watercrafts. Also available with 4 legs for deeper water, electric drive winch, optional canopy, or aluminum/poly UltraBunks.

SS cantilever double PWC

Cantilever Two-Place PWC Lift

This is no ordinary lift. The two-place PWC lift has space for two 1,000 lb. machines. Independently operated lift platforms and operator's wheel with brake winches for smooth operation; Also available with optional electric drive winch. Designed for years of dependable service with corrosion resistant aluminum construction, thermoplastic pulleys and stainless steel bearing surfaces. Add the optional canopy and aluminum/poly UltraBunks.

SS dock mount PWC

Dock Mount PWC Lift

This aluminum dock mount lift features a space saving footprint and convenient boarding access from the dock for up to 1,000 lb; Mounts to ShoreStation classic sectional dock, or most standard docks; Geared brake winch with nylon strap and level-lift cable provide safe, unbinding up-down operation; optional electric drive winch; fully-carpeted, 2' x 6' bunks provide solid support.