Grand Marquis Woodstock Elite Spa, in Grand Rapids MN

Marquis Hot Tubs

At Grand Rapids Marine, we know the importance of being able to disconnect and unwind after a long day. Whether you spent it on the water fishing, enjoying a variety of watersports, or entertaining a group of friends and family, it’s essential to find time to care for yourself, too. We carry a wide variety of Marquis hot tubs that encourage you to just that. You’ll enjoy the ultimate hot tub experience with a set of unique features you won’t find in any other spa. There are several options available so you can easily find one that’s suitable for your lifestyle and needs. Visit our dealership in Grand Rapids, MN today so one of our friendly and helpful team members can show you our selection of Marquis Hot Tubs. We’re conveniently located near La Prairie and Cohasset.

Grand Marquis Hollywood Elite Hot Tub, in Grand Rapids, MN

Celebrity Elite Hot Tubs

The list of innovative features that the Celebrity Elite Hot Tubs offers is truly endless. You’ll enjoy the stainless steel jet faces, the 50 sq ft filter, the energy-saving foam over plumbing insulation, and much more. You can opt for some additional features if you wish, like the in-line sanitation system for extra water care treatment. The full foam insulation option not only keeps your water warm but also keeps operating costs down. If you’re looking for a flashy time, you can enjoy a light show with multi-point lights.

Grand Marquis Spa Health Benefits, in Grand Rapids, MN


You might be wondering why you should invest in a hot tub. There are many incredible benefits of owning a hot tub. Once you’re aware of all the great things there are to enjoy with a hot tub, it’ll be hard not to invest in one. For example, hot tub hydrotherapy is a unique holistic approach to managing your overall health and wellness. Believe it or not, various systems in your body come together to achieve several benefits through the use of hot tub hydrotherapy. Your cardiovascular system is one of the many body systems that’s highly affected by hydrotherapy. Lower blood pressure levels is often a result of hydrotherapy. If you’re recovering from an injury, hot tub hydrotherapy can be a great aid in the healing process. We all inevitably experience stress in our lives and hydrotherapy is an excellent way to promote mental and physical balance.

Grand Marquis Constant Clean System, in Grand Rapids, MN


One of the great things about Marquis Hot Tubs is the ease of use and maintenance. Water management is carefree and easy with Marquis ConstantClean. The Marquis ozone system effectively destroys unwanted elements. Thanks to the in-line sanitation system, your water is treated so it’s safe, clean, and never leaves users with an unpleasant odor or skin irritation. Last but not least, the high-output, energy efficient design carefully converts oxygen into activated ozone gas. The ozone and the water meet while flowing through the mixing chamber, where bacteria and other contaminants are oxidized before the ozone is converted back to oxygen. This is a level of technology that simply can’t be matched.

Grand Marquis Spa Accessories in Grand Rapids, MN


We understand the importance of keeping your hot tub sparkly clean, which is why there are numerous accessories to help with your maintenance. With some of these products, you’ll notice a visual difference in just 20 minutes. Pick up these self-contained cartridges and chemicals you need right here at Grand Rapids Marine. Simply load the cartridge and set the number of chemicals that need to be released. That’s really all it takes! Enhance your spa experience even further with aromatherapy that’s sure to awaken your senses. Whether you need test strips, chemicals, filters, or aromatherapy products, we’ve got everything you need. Don’t hesitate, stop by our dealership in Grand Rapids, MN!

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