ShoreStation Accessories

                 SS full-fig 

One of the most popular features of a ShoreStation dock is the wide variety of accessories with which it can be customized. Many feature the  “Quick-as-a-Click” connector for easy installation or removal - without tools! Constructed of the finest materials, and beautifully designed, to complement your dock. From ladders and lights, to the stylish Eon® seating options, they're all genuine ShoreStation.   

SS dock-bumperDOCK BUMPER


Protecting your craft above and below the water line, these bumpers install “Quick-as-a-Click.” Right or left side mount.

SS dock-ladder  


Maintenance-free, with a textured finish for more traction. Snap-button mechanism allows for easy adjustment, without tools. 

SS aqua-step  

The easiest way in and out of the water. Narrow width and sturdy rails make it perfect for young, old, and even four-legged family members. Fits a variety of heights.

SS eon-marine-dock-benchEON MARINE® BENCH

A cozy seat for two with built-in cup holders, available in 4' or 6' width. Constructed of Eon® material, this bench will look like new for years.

SS gear-tower


Keeps your dock organized. The large table top is perfect for beverages, tunes, even cleaning fish. Life jackets, ropes, and towels can hang on its heavy-duty hooks.

SS flag-pole-holder


Dress it up or show your patriotic spirit! With a double harness to fly two flags, it extends to 20 feet.

SS shore-stepsSHORE STEPS   Stylish and safe entry to your dock, available with 5 or 8 steps. Adjusts to fit a variety of inclines. Designed for easy installation and removal.  
SS solar-dock-light


Simply brilliant! Brighter than most solar lights, it emits as much light as a 40-watt bulb. The solar panel means no wiring, no worry. Can be moved, “Quick-as-a-Click,” to wherever your dock needs light.

SS eon-marine-swivel-chairEON MARINE® SWIVEL CHAIR 

Ideal for fishing or just keeping an eye on the kids. Beautiful Eon® material to match your dock. 22” wide, with 360° swivel and 2 cup holders.  

SS Paddle-Board-and-Kayak-Storage-Rack


The perfect solution for dockside storage. Rest the paddleboard or kayak on the rack, fasten with the easy-release straps, and it's quickly accessible for your next adventure. 

SS solar-shore-light


Bring safety and style onto the shore. Easy to transport, the base is weighted with the one thing always near the dock - water! 

SS gear-tower-solar-lightGEAR TOWER w/SOLAR LIGHT 

Combines table with trouble-free, no-cost lighting. Bring light and organization to any part of your dock that's touched by sunshine.