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Boat and Spa Service, Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Marine & Spa Servicing

At Grand Rapids Marine in Minnesota

Once you’ve made a substantial investment in a boat or spa, you’ll want to do everything you can to take proper care of it and ensure it remains in great condition. There are many steps you can take to maintain your purchase, like keeping up with service, for example. At Grand Rapids Marine, we’re proud to offer several parts and services to our customers. We’re confident that we can help you with all your marine and spa related needs. Whether you’re in need of seasonal services, detailing, repairs and maintenance, shrinking wrapping, storage, or anything else, we’ve got your back.

For your convenience, we also offer pickup and delivery service. Our staff is not only friendly and helpful but also highly trained to take care of your service needs right here at our dealership. Give us a call or stop by today to take advantage of all we have to offer, which includes our amazing selection of spas and hot tubs! We’re conveniently located in Grand Rapids MN. We also proudly serve La Prairie and Cohasset.

01 - Repair & Maintenance

02 - Refit / Refurbish

04 - Pickup & Delivery

05 - Seasonal Services

06 - Shrink Wrapping/Storage

09 - Detailing / Decontamination

10 - Dock & Lift Service

12 - Insurance & Warranty Repairs

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