Fishing Guides

To help you get the best return on your fishing boat investment, Grand Rapids Marine sponsors several professional fishing guides. These talented locals aren't just good at what they do, they're absolutely PASSIONATE about it. That's why we're proud to have them flying our colors out on the lake. We sell great boats, but EVERY fishing boat looks better with rods bent and landing nets straining. These folks can make that kind of outing a reality for you. And when that kind of fishing is done in a boat from Grand Rapids Marine - well, we ALL look good then!

Reed 2

REED YLITALO operates Wings & Walleyes Guide Service, a northern Minnesota four season hunting and fishing outfitting services. You can visit his website here: or e-mail him:

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Wheezy 1

ALICE & JUSTIN WIESE, doing business as Wheezy Outdoors, offer 4-season guide services for hunting and fishing. Visit their website: or e-mail them:



Fishing Fever Guide Service is owned and operated by JASON BOSER, year-round professional fisherman. You'll find him online at or you can e-mail him: