Aluminum & Roll-In Dock Dealer, Service & Removal Grand Rapids – Sales & Installation – MN

Grand Rapids Marine in Minnesota has over 38 years of Dock and Lift experience. Our knowledgeable sales staff and experienced delivery team will create a first class experience with your new boat lift, roll-in, stationary or floating dock purchase. Just tell us where you want it and we’ll take care of the rest!

The Advantages of Stationary Dock

Stationary dock is the most versatile style and perfect for almost any type of lakefront. The foot pads on each of the legs that simply rest on the lake bottom. This allows the dock to work in difficult situations such as steep drop offs and rocky, uneven bottoms.
Stationary dock is installed and removed one section at a time.

The Advantages of Rolling Dock

Rolling dock offers the ultimate in easy installation for lakes with smooth, gradually sloping shorelines. It has wheels on each of the legs that allow it to be assembled on shore and then rolled in and out of the lake.
Rolling dock can be assembled on shore and then rolled into the lake as a unit.

The Advantages of Floating Dock

Floating Dock is the perfect solution for areas where water levels fluctuate on a regular basis.
Floating Dock can easily be assembled without getting into the water.